Friday, May 27, 2016

Chemical Brothers: Surrender . . . Come With Us!

Hi everyone,

Some groups you keep coming back to, and some of their albums are like touchstones to your life's memories. But sometimes the music is so good that sentiment is only a small part of the reason you like a record. I loved The Chemical Brothers from their first album, 1995's Exit Planet Dust. Their music is exciting, smart, danceable, very very groovy.

But of their bunch I think 1999's Surrender & 2002's Come With Us hold a special place for me. It's like they invented this corner where electronica, folk, rock, & groovy weirdness met, & then they made a whole lot of fucking awesome music at this corner.

It's a two-hour show, ends with a nod to da boss, who seems to let me get away with whatever indulgence I want. But, man! It's the Chems! They're fantastic! :)