Saturday, February 6, 2016

Moby's Play!

Hi everyone,

This show features Moby's brilliant 1999 album, Play. I remember it was a kind of grey gloomy day in Boulder, where I was passing time majoring in Art History, a degree never finished, when I was walking down the side-street there, & there was a hidden record store I'd never seen, & I had not heard music awhile, so why not? His album was in a big display up front, & the silly cover charmed me.

I kept this record in my bag for weeks, forgetting to listen to it, until this one Saturday night, when I was pretty sure I was leaving Boulder for parts unknown, & was trying to find my favorite little pipe, in my bag, & there it was. Pipe & Moby cheered me up for the first time in weeks, & I knew that what I didn't know was nonetheless going to be OK. Hence, my personal affection for this great, great album. Enjoy :)