Friday, December 9, 2016

Lots from Steve Hauschildt!

Hi everyone,

OK, so I don't often find someone new that interests me as much as my old school favorites like Shpongle, Boards of Canada, Future Sound of London, and the like. But this Cleveland ambient composer Steve Hauschildt is someone I happened to hear at a party recently, and blew me away. His music is beautiful, moody, contemplative, sometimes rears up and kicks out some noise.

I am featuring his 2015 album, Where All is Fled, & his just-released Strands. He used to be in a group called Emeralds but, to be honest, they didn't catch my ear even close to how much his solo work has. Two hours of pleasure await ya. I think this is my last show for 2016, so I'll just say now: best of wishes to everyone for the new year. Eat good food! Listen to happy music! :)


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