Friday, March 4, 2016

Circles Around The Sun's Interludes for the Dead, Part 1

Hi everyone,

Here is's description for this show's featured music:

Circles Around the Sun isn't a band so much as a project; one that served a specific purpose. Neal Casal, guitarist for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood--and occasional member of Phil Lesh & Friends-- was approached by Justin Kreutzmann to provide five hours of music to accompany his visuals that would play during the intermissions of the Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary sendoff "Fare Thee Well" concerts. 

Casal enlisted keyboardist Adam MacDougall (a fellow member of the Robinson Brotherhood and Lesh's bands), bassist Dan Horne (Beachwood Sparks, Jonathan Wilson), and drummer Mark Levy (the Congress) to that end. They walked into a studio with engineer J.P. Hesser having nothing prepared, spent two days recording live, and left with their mission accomplished. No overdubs were added during post-production. Concert attendees were so responsive to what they heard that Rhino decided to assemble this double disc.

That all said, I think the bottom line here is that this music grooves seriously hard & well. It's easy to imagine some kind of loopy, trippy visuals accompanying, & a lot of Deadheads swaying between sets, but none of that matters so much as this is really good music! I hope these guys make some more.

The rest of this album next show :)


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